Why We Vote

The Gettysburg Voice spent Election Day 2022 talking to voters about why they showed up to the polls to cast their vote.

Why We Vote
Jennifer stands outside the polling location at the Gettysburg College Union Building encouraging others to vote. "Everyone must vote," she said.

Adams County appears to have record voter turnout this year for the 2022 Election, according to county election administrators. The Gettysburg Voice spoke to voters outside polling places today in an effort to find out why Gettysburg residents made the decision to play their part in the country's democratic process.


"To ensure that my daughter will eventually have the right to choose what to do with her body. We all have basic human rights that need to be protected and secured."


"I'm concerned about our democracy. I want women to have the same rights they had up until a while ago."


"I always vote. It's a civic duty and responsibility."


"I think voting is the most important thing we can do as citizens. I think it's so important we all engage in this process every chance we get."


"I think it's important that we have representation for what I believe in."


"I think it's important for everyone to have a voice in our government. Not everyone is able to have their voice spoken for, so if I can help other people I would gladly do it."


"To express my views. I've been voting since 2014."