Q&A: Heads or Tails Experience

The Littlestown band plays the Adams County Farmers Market this Saturday, Oct. 22.

Q&A: Heads or Tails Experience
Member of Heads or Tails Experience (left to right): Diego Sandoval, Javier Sandoval, Markel Washington, Cagan Goldstein, Brady Mann, Blake Pierson and Kaiden Roman. (Courtesy Heads or Tails Experience)

We turn it up / we turn some heads / we live with no regrets. – Get Up Jump

On a recent Friday night at Waldo's and Company, Littlestown area band Heads or Tails Experience transformed the atmosphere of the usually relaxed coffee shop and art space into a high energy, raucous dance party. Frontman Javier Sandoval sang with his whole body into it, backed by the groove and funk of the band's guitarists, Diego Sandoval and Kaiden Roman, drummer Blake Pierson and keyboardist Cagan Goldstein. The boys jumped – literally – and jammed through their entire set, and the crowd returned the energy with its own jumps and jams. The Gettysburg Voice caught up with the young group to learn more about their background, their influences and where they're headed next.

Q: What's the story behind how the band formed?
A: Heads or Tails Experience was originally formed by Diego and Kaiden from the desire to share their interest in music. Javier quickly joined, creating the Heads or Tails trio. Then the universe put the planets in alignment and we were reunited with Blake. Through different lineups we found our foundation. Early this year we gained Brady and Cagan, who brought new chemistry and next level band potential.

Q: Did the members of the band know each other before it got together?
A: Yes, a majority of the band knew each other before Heads or Tails Experience. Javier and Diego are brothers. They, along with Blake and Kaiden, attended school together. Through mutual friends Brady joined, and Cagan was invited to jam after meeting at an open mic.

Q: What's the process for writing songs? Does one person lead or is it more of a collaborative effort?
A: Typically one of the band members will come in with a musical idea or lyrics. We then explore the concept creatively. Other times, we will jam and improvise musical ideas until we find something we all enjoy.

Q: What's your favorite part about playing live shows?
A: One of our favorite things about playing to a live audience is the ability to connect and share our music. We bring high energy to the stage every time we perform because we truly feel and love the music we play.

Q: How do you find shows to play in the area?
A: Last year we played a few small shows as a trio. Through open mic performances we were able to play gigs at local venues. Ocean City, Md., is the farthest we have traveled this year. Our goal next year is to travel the East Coast, extending our reach as the band continues to progress.

Q: How would you describe the overall aesthetic of your sound?
A: Our music matches no description. – Heads or Tails Experience Theme Song

Q: What influences does the band have?
A: The band has many influences, but a few are Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sublime, Green Day, Stevie Wonder, The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. We incorporate funk and reggae into our rock music. We prioritize mixing sounds and present our music in a way that is accessible even to people who might not otherwise listen to the genres and influences we pull from.

Q: What's the biggest challenge for the band as a whole?
A: Our biggest challenge is finding the balance between trying to record music, play shows and create new material in a timely manner.

Q: What are the band's hopes for the future?
A: Gonna get a band and we're gonna get big! Gonna play plenty of gigs! – One Day

You can follow the band on Instagram @heads_or_tails_experience and on their website at www.headsortailsexperience.com. Their new single "Patience" is available on streaming services everywhere.