Election 2022: Who's on the Ballot

A rundown of Pennsylvania candidates up for election in November.

Election 2022: Who's on the Ballot
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The Gettysburg Voice is committed to providing nonpartisan information about the November 2022 election. 

Pennsylvanians will elect a number of new officials to represent them in both federal and state government in this year's election to be held Tuesday, November 8.

Below are the candidates running for office in the races that affect Pennsylvania and Gettysburg. Party affiliations are noted in parenthesis. A link for more information about each candidate is provided following party affiliation.

Party Key: (C) – Constitution; (D) – Democrat; (G) – Green;
(I) – Independent; (KPP) – Keystone Party for Pennsylvania;
(L) – Libertarian; (R) – Republican

U.S. Senate

John Fetterman (D) Profile
Mehmet Oz (R) Profile
Ronald Johnson (C) Profile
Richard Weiss (G) Profile
Daniel Wassmer (KPP) Profile
Erik Chase Gerhardt (L) Profile
Quincy Magee (I) Profile
Everett Stern (I) Profile

U.S. Representative - 13th Congressional District

John Joyce (R) Profile
Joyce is the incumbent candidate and is running unopposed.

Pennsylvania Governor

Josh Shapiro (D) Profile
Doug Mastriano (R) Profile
Christina Digiulio (G) Profile
Joseph Soloski (KPP) Profile
Matt Hackenburg (L) Profile

Pennsylvania House of Representatives - 91st District

Marty Qually (D) Profile
Dan Moul (R) Profile
Neil Belliveau (L) Profile